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Alice (Vanessa Stacey )

Amber (Beth Allen)

Andy (James Ordish)

Bray (Dwayne Cameron )

Charlie (Charley Samau )

Cloe ( Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu )

Dal (Ashwath Sundarasen )

Danni (Ella Wilks )

Darryl (Joseph Crawford)

Dee ( Kelly Stevenson)

Ebony (Meryl Cassie )

Ellie (Jennyfer Jewell )

Gel (Vicky Rodewyk)

The Guardian (Damon Andrews )

Jack (Michael Wesley Smith)

Java (Megan Alatini )

Jay ( James Napier)

KC (Ari Boyland )

Lex (Caleb Ross)

Lottie (Beth Chote)

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Luke (Jacob Tomuri )

May (Laura Wilson )

Mega ( Calen Maiava-Paris )

Mouse (Jacinta Wawatai )

Ned (Bevin Linkhorn )

Patch (Morgan Palmer Hubbard)

Patsy ( Sarah Major )

Paul (Zachary Best )

Pride (Nick Miller)

Ram (Tom Hern)

Ruby (Fleur Saville)

Ryan (Ryan Runciman)

Salene(Victoria Spence)

Sammy (Lucas Hayward )

Siva (Monique Cassie )

Slade (Matt Robinson)

Tai-san (Michelle Ang )

Tally (Amelia Reynolds )

Trudy (Antonia Prebble)

Ved (Dan Weekes)

Zandra (Amy Morrison )

Zoot (Daniel James )

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  • Which brothers or sisters do you like the most?

    paul and patsy
    ved and jay
    bray and zoot
    ebony,siva and java
  • The results off the previous polls:
    Wich off the female actors do you like the most?
    Salene 7%
    Amber 71%
    Trudy 14%
    Cloe 7%

    Which season do you like the most?
    Season 1 22%
    Season 2 13%
    Season 3 12%
    Season 4 52%

    Which couple do you like the most?
    Lex and Zandra 7%
    Amber and Bray 41%
    Bray and Danni 12%
    Jack and Ellie 39%

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